Product Specification

  1. Water-proof
  2. Charged by Solar power & External Power
  3. Lighting mode: Normal Bright, Super Bright and Flashing
  4. Solar charge Input voltage V1 ≥ 5.5V
  5. Output voltage V2 (Resistance 500Ω) V2≥5.0V
  6. Output current I (Resistance 500Ω) I≥10mA
  7. Input voltage 5.0±0.2V
  8. Charing port V8 USB port
  9. The Max Lum flux of high brightness ≥100lm
  10. The Max Lum flux of low brightness ≥50lm
  11. after charging fully for hight bright ≥5 hours
  12. after charging fully for low bright ≥12 hours
  13. The Max current when charging ≥180mA
  14. Fully charged time with adapter : 3-6hours
  15. Built in Battery : 3.7V Lithium polymer