About Us

Welcome to Myanmar Solar Power Trading Co., Ltd.

Myanmar Thiha Group of Companies (MTH) was established in 2001 and Myanmar Solar Power Trading Co., Ltd. (MSP) is one of the active sub business units of MTH. Myanmar Solar Power Trading Co., Ltd. (MSP) is a global clean energy enterprise which specializes in calculating, designing and installing or constructing for isolated solar power generating systems, solar lighting projects, solar home systems, solar road light as well as solar advertising board. Moreover, MSP imports and sells solar lanterns, solar lawn lamps, solar traffic lights, solar road signs, portable solar home systems and other solar appliances as well. MSP also provides reliable services to customers including after sale service and turn key services. Solarproducts and components sold in MSP are mainly imported from Germany, India, Thailand and China due to diverse market segments.



  1. To be the organization which everyone wants to co-operate
  2. To provide an environmentally, friendly, sustainable power supply throughout the country
  3. To get solar to everyone by delivering, savings and certainty for households, business as well as the environment.


  1. To ensure that every household owns solar products
  2. To provide a safe and protective environment for people where they can renew and evolve in a way they never imagined
  3. To be a trusted and one stop service association in solar business industry.